In a nutshell…

by Meredith Angeline Hinton

I am a twenty-one year old who wants to live authentically. Build meaningful relationships. Create many things with my hands. Gain perspective by asking questions. Appreciate a day of earnest, hard-work. Be content with the now. Understand what it means to be truly beautiful. And find my voice as a writer.

I have a hunger for knowledge that will never be quenched. The more I know the more I know I don’t know, and it drives me crazy. My favorite hobby is asking questions. I like to challenge conventional structures and pose new ways of thinking.

Wendell Berry once said, “You cannot know that life is holy if you are content to live by economic practices that daily destroy life and diminish its possibility.” When I read this quote for the first time I was automatically challenged. I began asking myself, “What economic practices of mine destroy life?” It is an interesting question to ask, and a challenging one at that. I am in the process of re-evaluating, re-organizing, and re-shaping my world view. I am currently reading through the gospels, and analyzing Jesus’ peaceful acts. I am interested in recognizing the holiness of human life. I think this type of recognition should go beyond economic practices. It should be intertwined in our thoughts, judgments, and footsteps daily. I was so challenged by Berry’s quote that my close friend and I made skirts with the help of another friend. We made these skirts in hopes of relieving the pain of sweatshop workers. We made these skirts in effort to reach solidarity with the sweatshop workers. I love the idea of producing something with my hands. I love knowing that an economic practice that destroys lives such as buying clothes that are made in sweatshops is not represented when I wear my skirt. Instead, the skirt represents hope for those in sweatshops because awareness is raised and practices are challenged.

As I continue to evaluate my practices I hope to gain reverence and adoration for life. It is my hope that the betterment of life becomes a priority among humanity. It is my hope that I become the change I wish to see in the world.