I could use a feather duster. Can I borrow yours?

by Meredith Angeline Hinton

Why are we so consumed with greedy dispositions? Why are we so consumed with selfish ambition? Why do we need relief from ourselves?

Can this be fixed? Can this be flipped?

What if we changed the way we lived? What if instead of hoarding, we gave freely? What if we were consumed with selfless ambition? What if we were consumed with a loving disposition?

Look into your closet and ask yourself, “Do I really need everything in this closet?” Maybe we should look a little deeper into the closet of our soul and ask ourselves, “What is collecting dust?” If you are like me, there are a lot of things in my life that are currently collecting dust. Relationships, dreams, passions, they are all neglected. I’m in the process of simplifying my life. What I don’t need, I am going to get rid of. The problem is, “what do I really need vs. what I think I really need.” I am still working this question out, while also working out my motivation to actually simplify. I am tired of ideas, and convictions gathering dust. I would rather die than have my convictions die.

What needs to change? If you see something that needs to happen in the world around you, lend a hand in changing the problem. Bring about relief. Be the answer. Think.