Limits of Language.

by Meredith Angeline Hinton

Lately I have been feeling the limits of language. Words are becoming mere sounds ringing in my ears. I am tired of swallowing large doses of hollow words; where has the fullness and depth of language gone? I keep hearing the same words over and over, and quite frankly I’m ready for silence and reality. Why are the meanings we attach to words fleeting? Why are they fleeting in my life? All the “profound” words that use to have meaning (and I say this generically not eliminating the existing variations of meaning to other people) have lost their essence due to the commercialized world we live in. Take “peace” for example. What the heck does that even mean? Do you understand what peace means when you have the “symbol” on your bag, or earrings? Do you realize that the word “peace” is a symbol for something so unimaginable to the everyday American these days? And yet we butcher the meaning of it by carrying around accessories that display the now annihilated word.

Find some meaning beyond language if you can. It’s possible, I think anyway.