“There is an intellectual dying & pain when you move away from ideas you once held dear.” -Brian McLaren

by Meredith Angeline Hinton

“You think you’re  a caged bird unable to fly and change your world,

but you just can’t see past the branches up above.”   -Tirzah Lemmens

I was able to spend the last couple of days at Big Tent Christianity in Raleigh North Carolina with a remarkable and courageous group of people. After hearing 35 speakers I’m sure you can imagine the way my mind is exploding. I am currently “under construction” or rather, “deconstruction,” and I am excited to engage in a deeper, dare I say more free way to live. As I wrestle with accepting a love that breaks down walls, rips away chains, brings peace, and changes an upside down world view right side up, or a “right” side world view upside down I will have to be silent for a while. I need meditation, reflection, and submersion.