by Meredith Angeline Hinton

Fall is almost here and I am beginning to feel the air get more crisp each morning. So many seasons have changed recently. I am now an official Duke Divinity student. I have wanted to come to Duke Div. since 2005 when I was a Duke Youth Academy participant. I cant believe I reached my goal. At the Div school we are all entering into our third week of school for the semester and I am already in the midst of due dates, more reading than my eyes and mind can handle, and transformation. I know significant change is being worked out within me. It has been an interesting to move on from UNCC as a Religious Studies major,(a person who studies Religion at a distance) and come to Duke Divinity school to become immersed in practice, ritual, sanctification, and love. I am thankful for this time. I am getting acquainted with the practices I use to form my identity, and I am getting acquainted with the One I know forms my identity.